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Um hi.. I'm gonna go live on my YouTube channel so wanna see me draw then hi.
YouTube channel name: thedayofdaisy_
Okay thanks
Well a friend said I should do commissions and I do need points :p soooo why not! X3

Coloring with shading- 20 points

  • one person

Flat color- 15 points

  • With simple background

Lineart\sketch- 10 pointsNaruto Dancing 


I will do my best! My friend :iconrurudaisy376: gonna help me :3Nom Glomp WIP 
Might be head shot of half body
I'm doing requests again; last time I was speedin, but this time I won't.

1. Share this journal
2. You must be a watcher
3. Do NOT unwatch me after the artwork
4. Comment the link of your Request
5. Am only doing one Request
6. New watchers are welcome 
7. Like at least 5 of my deviations

I might do really good sketch's x3
Or I might draw it on my phone like this one…
I might do headshots

Well I'm really gonna try this time , if I can't draw your request then I'm gonna do a sketch MAYBE EEEEEEE EEEEEEE EEEEEEE 
Okay please share this journal :D
I luv all my watchers!!!!!!!!!!!! 😍 I really need something to draw EEEEEEE